Welcome to the Helipad Time Trial

Sign up for a Strava account, ride Helipad as fast as you can with your GPS, upload tracks to Strava. See where you fall in line. It's that simple (except for the riding Helipad as fast as you can part).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Coming Soon

The Helipad Time Trial. Patterned after the Clark's TT in Draper, Utah.

Ride when you want, as often as you want. Email your times to me. Details coming soon.


  1. IS the start at the top of the lower saddle off of DC? Can't really tell by your pic.

  2. After you leave DC from marker 54 head south into the wash, climb the steep part out of the wash up to that saddle. There's a nice flat staging area. Draw your line between the shrub and the cactus and head west straight up Helipad.

    I'll update the map with DC and other connecting trails so it's clearer.

  3. I can modify my web site so that anyone can log as many trials for this this as they like. I can also create a special report that would post this event and keep it going forever if anyone is interested.
    My site already allows anyone who wants to log their rides and times in hours and minutes. Only take a minute to throw seconds out there. The hardest part is getting it to look decent.
    Anyone interested, please say so. So far it's just been myself and my buds using the site with some folks back east.

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