Welcome to the Helipad Time Trial

Sign up for a Strava account, ride Helipad as fast as you can with your GPS, upload tracks to Strava. See where you fall in line. It's that simple (except for the riding Helipad as fast as you can part).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Helipad TT 2009 Results

The Helipad TT is officially closed for 2009. Thanks to all 58 riders who gave your legs, lungs (and sometimes breakfast) to the climb.

Fastest time: Jeff Herrera 5:04. Jeff snuck in there on Dec 31 and stole 21 seconds off Neil Wright's long standing top time. We'll be expecting a sub 5 minute time from Jeff next year.

I've got some good ideas for keeping the Helipad TT alive and fresh in 2010. I'm thinking of introducing categories: geared and singlespeed (maybe a dowhiller cat for Bob and his Big Bike friends) plus a few other surprises. I'll post the details for 2010 soon. In teh mean time if you have any suggestions please comment below.

So here they are, the 2009 Helipad TT Standings...