Welcome to the Helipad Time Trial

Sign up for a Strava account, ride Helipad as fast as you can with your GPS, upload tracks to Strava. See where you fall in line. It's that simple (except for the riding Helipad as fast as you can part).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 Helipad Time Trial

The 2010 Helipad TT is finally officially open. It's all pretty much the same as last year, except I have automated the submission process. Submit your time on the Submission Form page and you are set. Visit the 2009 results page to check the times to beat.

The Helipad Time Trial is a self-timed sprint up the Helipad Trail on South Mountain.

Start the clock from a standing start when you leave the imaginary line between the cactus and the desert shrub in the middle of the saddle. Stop it when you enter the helipad and cross the big bush on your right. See the Google Map and zoom in to see the lines.

Submit your results on the official submission form page. If the page is down you can email me at mtbikeaz (at) gmail.com. Be sure to include your time, real name, mtbr name - if you have one, and the date of your ride. I'll keep a running list of everybody who competes. Ride as many times as you like, submit your times and I'll update the standings.

I'll keep this going until the last day of 2010. Post any questions in the comments section below.

Ride safe, ride fast - and remember to practice safe trail etiquette and yield to hikers.

The Map

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The Elevation

Access Helipad from Desert Classic at post marker 54 about 7 miles in from the Pima Lot, 3 miles in from Telegraph Pass Lot and 1.5 miles in from the Ray Road TH. If using Ray Rd, park at the Fry's on Ray and E Ranch Circle. (You'll need more than the road ride and the 1.5 to warm up though...)